Verum dicere non possumus ne rumores inde exoriantur

by Dave Garrett (debut Author)

Involuntary Flashback

Involuntary Flashback is now available directly from the publisher: www.dorrancepublishing.com, shop fiction-action/adventure - new release.  Print on demand. It is also available as a print on demand or Kindel publication on Amazon.com
Period 1976-1981

An evil megalomaniac Jihadist, Ibrahim bin Mustafa, during his early student years as a field archeological assistant, singularly discovered an abandoned cavernous site in Morocco's Atlas Mountains, which predates Earth's hominid emergence. It contains a still functional infinitesimally advanced power source needing no fuel replenishment. Envisioning the establishment of a world dominating Caliphate using this ultimate weapon ensconced within a secret location, he murders his professor and initiates his first of three incremental measures - accumulate wealth with the establishment of an exclusive secret sex for pay club catering well positioned perverted clients and develop a small armed force to be applied toward implementing his second stage plan.

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